The Best Summer

Over this past summer I had the opportunity to attend seminars by Bruno Bastos, Leticia Ribiero accompanied by Beatric Mesquita and Carol Vidal, Hannette Staack and met Carlos Machado. It was quite simply the best summer of training I have ever had! My game improved so much and my skills were sharpened, razor sharp. My defense has improved as well as offense I’m just all around a lot better than I was in the beginning.
It wasnt always easy, I started out as a no-gi girl with more focus on Mma. At the beginning of the summer my coach used to submit me right and left with my lapel. It used to piss me off to no end and I would catch myself saying, ‘I HATE my Gi, it keeps choking me’! My coach would just look at me and smile, apparently I needed to be choked a few times to learn. Those days seem miles away from where I am today but lessons learned and Im so glad I never gave up.
If you have a dream, a will or desire… never give up and try to expand your game by going to as many seminars as possible. I did not pick up every technique in the seminar but I did take bits and pieces that have helped. I also can’t emphasis how important drilling the absolute fundamentals is because without your fundamentals there is no game. You can’t write a sentence without knowing your letters to make words.
If any one of the seminars I mentioned above comes to your town, I highly recommend attending and ASK QUESTIONS, take notes and have fun!

Where there is a will there is a way and Hard work always Pays Off!


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