Over the summer I began to learn about the origins of Brazilian Jiu jitsu, that it originated by one man from Japan who learned it in Japan and that it was born from the Samurai. Really cool stuff if your interested! I found that Helio Gracie was not too unlike myself, small and fragile with a undiagnosed health problem that kept him from rolling hard. He used Bjj and made small alterations that let the smaller practicioner use their technique and skill over brute strength. Ironically, I also learned that Helio Gracie passed away the same week I decided to dedicate myself to the sport.
My dream started with me over looking a huge lake with towering mountains in the background, the water was undisturbed, no ripples. I looked to my right and in the distance I saw a man standing beside what looked like a cross between a bonsai tree and a cherry tree. I walked toward the man and when I was closer I realized who the man was and I was so excited, I was walking towards Helio Gracie! He was wearing a white Gi looking down at the water as he held onto his belt. I said, ‘Hello..’ and he did not answer or even move. After a moment of me realizing I was staring at him staring at the water, I stood beside him and looked at the lake with him. ((ALARM))
I woke up excited and was like… what was that!? Why didn’t he talk to me and what was up with all the water?!
I had some say its an honor to just be visited by him in a dream, others say Water is a sign of something…
When I had this dream I was just starting to evolve my inverted game and thought about the dream and ‘maybe’ it was telling me to BE like water.
Brazilian Jiu jitsu is not just a sport its so much more and can be used beyond on the mats. And maybe just every once in a while, we need to let ourselves be like water, and allow ourselves to conform around our opponent. Seeing beyond in guard or in mount… the transitions to and from like water.
Again, I love this sport its always pushing me to evolve my game and I continue to learn. So dont be afraid to search out a local club and start your journey, Remember…. You do not have to be Great to start, but you have to start to be Great!

In my neck of the woods please visit us at redriverbjj.com


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