My Fight

Tournament is almost here and I have documented my entire week of food intake and how it effects my blood sugar. I think I have the very basics down and am preparing to put my theory to work. We all know what our nerves do before a match, adrenaline spikes and there is a ‘flight or fight’ response… except that is exactly what I am there to do, to Fight. In my first match I will blow a lot of my adrenaline and produce too much insuline which eats my good blood sugar causing me to have classic hypoglyemic symptoms. I’m going to attempt to counter those effects by monitoring my blood sugar count and treat with glucose tablets, and or juice. Plan is in place, hoping for the best.
Earlier today I was a bit down, I kept thinking why me. I have found a sport I am great at and my body doesnt want to participate. Its the worst feeling to be in love with something that hurts you so badly. This may sound like I am talking about an abusive boyfriend but that is exactly how it feels. I wonder if there is some great wisdom I can learn from all of this or am I just out of luck and battling a silent war… at some point does it stop. Why can’t I be normal and eat regular foods like everyone else and not worry or even think about whats going to be eaten next.
Staying positive and keeping my chin up, its hard every once in a while but I have to do this… I can do this, I will beat this and be in control. I’m not asking for a miracle but a little cooperation would be nice, I have to have faith my body will listen and be prepared. I have to admit, after the effects of this last crash I am slightly concerned… will I be the competitor I once was and long to be again? Lets find out!


One thought on “My Fight

  1. Hey there! A very interesting post. I have reactive hypoglycemia too. I also had to go on medical leave for 8 months because I developed a debilitating disorder called POTS where my heart beats too fast when I stand up, and I start to pass out. I’m in the recovery portion, and have my blood sugar issues worked out for now, but I know when I go back to 2 hour kung fu workouts, I’m going to have to learn how to manage. I’m very interested in how you manage during your competitions. Keep us posted. Good luck!

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