156052_229071267232448_1688043545_nMy year chasing the tournament road has come, 2013 will be mine. This past tournament was fun, and it was not until the two hour drive home that I realized what happened. I competed in my first tournament as a blue belt, not only did I compete but I firmly established that I belong in this division. When I really thought about what I did, I was really excited and my goals have been reestablished and dreams are getting closer to reality.
While at the New Breed tournament, I had the opportunity to talk to Tier 1 Training coach, Alan Shebaro about his gym and how important doing cross fit is for the overall performance in Bjj. This really got me thinking, perhaps I need to step up my training, not just strength training but cross fit as a tool to get my muscles better prepared for a Bjj match. The idea seems fairly straight forward and makes sense, I will be adding onto my training regimen different cross fit drills.
My next goal is in sight and is pretty exciting, the next big tournament coming through the Dallas/ Fort Worth area is the IBJJF Open in Dallas in May. This is a big tournament and one I have been looking forward to for some time, this is my year and I will be training my little heart out – I love this sport!

If you are ever in the Wichita Falls, TX area and are looking for a new gym or are curious about the sport, or if your simply passing through town please stop by and train with us at Redriverbjj.com

You do not need to be Great to Start but you have to Start to be GREAT!!


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