Promotion Guidelines IBJJF

There has been a lot of promotions lately, the female blue belt division should be big no matter what tournament! I stretch to say that I’ve seen more females being promoted to blue lately. Trend…??? I think it is a sign of the growth of women’s Bjj. With the IBJJF Worlds and Open’s I’ve also noticed a lot of stripe promotions for newly promoted Blue belts. A video was rotating that stated to compete in any IBJJF tournament a person is required to be a Blue belt for two years before promoting to purple. Two years, this is not to say that anyone will automatically receive their purple belt at the two year mark, but for those who are working hard and consistently learning. I have seen a blue go purple in less than a year only once, and that was for an MMA fighter.
Bottom line is… IBJJF does not see day to day training of every school, it is a guideline and I am not entirely sure it should be a guideline. The only person who should be able to measure a students technique and skill level is the Professor. If there is a student who has worked hard and continuous, the Professor should be able to promote those students to the proper level. I, myself a newly promoted blue belt am scared to death to receive my first stripe. To me stripes are a stepping stone to the next belt, and my next belt would be purple… Crazy. I know of one girl who definitely needs to be promoted to Purple, but I will gladly sit out for two years or more to get to Purple. Some of the more technical and skilled fighters I have ever rolled with were Purple belts and to be working toward that goal is amazing and scary.

The guidelines for IBJJF should be changed, or do other schools purposely hold back talented fighters to accomplish school records? It is noticeable to all schools when one school is consistently showing fighters in lower levels than they should be fighting, and even step up to the next level and win (not promoted). I think that the guidelines for IBJJF should be changed, IBJJF cannot see who is training and what they are doing day in and day out, only the Professor can see this. In the future I would love to see a change that allows the Professor to promote students based on skills not time, talent has to be measured but not by the IBJJF.

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