Making it all Work

Seasons change and when they do, new sports become top priority… every year we go through this, and every year my BJJ takes the back seat as I dawn my cape and put on my Super Mom suit and turn into a relentless driver to and from and back, practices… games… and then again! This time of the year is special to our family, as all of our children with exception to our 2 year old plays t-ball, baseball, and softball. It is great to see the kids each year grow and learn the sport more and achieve new levels of playing ball! I’m my kids biggest fan, but lets get real….. THIS IS NOT easy! We are deep into the season, having about 2 games played so far and I am physically exhausted.
You may be asking, how in the world does she fit in her BJJ?! Well, that is simple, I do not have any BJJ training at this time of the year! I wish I could get into a morning class (if it was offered) and or a noon class (if it was offered), but alas I am here doing what I can and BJJ is definitely on the back burner. This is fairly typical, as I normally miss this time of the year due to baseball, but I really wouldn’t have it any other way, my kids are amazing to me and I love watching them learn and to help guide them through the wins and losses. My eldest is very much into softball and wants to play softball in college (when she isn’t talking about cheerleading). My daughter’s team lost their last game, 14-5… a lot of errors on our part and at the center of it was my daughter, the catcher. She felt as if she let her team down, because if she could have moved faster, if she could have gotten to the ball quicker or thrown it faster they could have won. She was in tears on the bench and her father and I wrapped our arms around her and held her tight. I told her, ‘baby girl… it is ok to cry, it is ok to let those feelings out. I am proud of you for being so passionate about your sport, I admire your heart that you put into the game. Do you know why we fall baby girl? It is so we can learn to pick ourselves back up and do better next time. You are amazing, and I am so proud of you… we will get them next time!’

If you can take away anything from my blog it is that I am passionate about BJJ and about my kids, balancing the two is a miracle in itself, but it is done with a little give and take, and lately I have been giving a lot! On mommy’s schedule May 18th is booked for the Fight to Win Tournament – same day is the Robson Moura seminar at North Dallas Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and driving back home that evening for my son’s campout, Cub Scouts – Cub and Pal!! Did I mention give and take and blend… it will be happening in May!!


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