Priorities of a Lifetime

It is t-ball, baseball, softball and coaching season… every single day is baseball related with a game, a practice, and working the concession stand. I love these moments, watching my kids and cheering them on as they progress with each swing, each hit, and each run. My daughter wants to play softball in college and become a coach (awesome!!), my son just wants the homerun record, and my sweet baby just loves running the bases. When I’m done with my school work (yes, I am in college), I find myself cruising facebook to see how my teammates are doing, how the tournaments have gone and try to keep myself in the loop of what is happening in the BJJ world. I have a tournament coming up and absolutely no time to get into the gym, I can plead to have an early morning open mat or a class, but haven’t come up with a solution myself. I feel almost trapped with my hands behind my back, keeping my family afloat and my training at the same level is impossible. My solution… I have not found one yet, but what I do know is I do not feel prepared adequately for the tournament. I will be prepared with a drive and determination, my skill and talent is there… my mat time has been frozen in time, I just need to roll!!

As the baseball season is ending another season is about to start, a season I absolutely love because it opens my game to new levels each year… seminar season, and my first seminar has me super excited. I am attending the Robson Moura seminar at North Dallas Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, yes THE Robson Moura! I have watched a lot of video on Robson and am thoroughly convinced that this one person is going to help show me a different view to BJJ, momentum, timing, speed… it is all there and I can not wait to get dipped into a learning session. Last summer I had the opportunity to learn from 5 black belts, but this one by far has me totally excited! So while I may not be able to get into my gym, I have to stay focused and remind myself… it is ok, there is still time to learn and there will always be Summertime seminars!!

– You do not have to be Great to start, but you have to START to be great! Looking for a place to train or simply passing through Wichita Falls, TX ?? Please stop by at !!!


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