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Robson Moura Seminar 2013

Robson Moura Seminar 2013

Seminar with Robson Moura was definitely amazing! There were three girls in attendance, 1 purple belt, 1 blue belt, and 1 white belt with just 4 months of training. When I asked her how long she has been training, and she said 4 months, I said WOW… and Robson Moura is your first seminar, lucky girl! Seminar started out working and I was with the purple belt who is probably 2 weight classes below myself; we grabbed the other girl and worked her in with us. I can’t learn thoroughly with hesitation, or like, not knowing for sure if your doing the move right and then having two or more people trying to tell you how to do it. I let the purple and white belt work together and moved on to a black and purple who were working off to the side. It is just so much easier for myself to mimic what I see rather being told and not knowing (if that makes any sense). I figured this would give the white belt an opportunity to get more reps in instead of working in between the two of us. All in all, it was a seminar to remember, I have been experimenting with this position recently and so this was straight up my alley! That is all I’m going to say about the Seminar, if Robson Moura is in your area DEFINATELY get registered!!!
I had an hour private with Robson right after the seminar. There were a few lingering people afterwards so I moved to the back on the mats, I hate outside chitter chatter and wanted to be full attention on what was going on. We played chess, I moved and then he moved, then I would move into certain positions to see what he would do and then I would mimic the move he just executed… this is not too unlike how I roll with my instructor, Ben Lozano and it is how I like to learn. My sweeps that I pull off in class do not work against a repeated World Champion black belt (that much I have learned). The berimbolo… always apart of my game, even if not totally executed it does play apart in how I roll. Inverted, berimbolo, 50/50, x-guard, and watching Robson work from knee on belly was pure simplicity. In the end, I found myself wanting to keep rolling… why stop… but that is how Jiu-Jitsu is, we keep learning for life, a student for life and I hope that I get to train with Robson again, one of the most sincere and friendliest man around.

If you are in the area of Wichita Falls, TX please stop by and visit Red River BJJ!! And if you ever have the opportunity to attend a Robson Moura seminar, don’t hesitate… Just DO IT, and book a private session!!!

~You do not have to be Great to start, but you have to Start to be Great~


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