Drill… Drill… Drill???

Hillary Williams Seminar 2010

Hillary Williams Seminar 2010

At a seminar with Robson Moura, he said something that is forever engraved in my mind… He stated that we should use our feet and legs as though they are extra arms. When he said that I thought Hmmm… and immediately envisioned an octopus. I am always telling my children who seemingly ask me to do things for them at the same time… I am not an octopus, I can only do so much! In fact I have said it so many times that as soon as I say ‘I am not..’, my kids will finish with: ‘we know mom, you are not an octopus’. To me, an octopus has one brain and uses that brain to focus on one thing, while the legs of the octopus are all doing different things but working toward one goal. So, the other night I was rolling with this really technical and skilled guy, one of my favorite people to roll with because he is smooth and rolls with sick accuracy. During our roll, he hurt his shoulder… so I picked up his arm and placed his hand inside of his belt and said ok, now lets roll. I was joking of course, but he went for it! With one hand we did solid rolls, I got caught in a knee bar, heel hook… he got caught in a toe hold. After the roll he said, ‘wow, this really makes you use what you have’ or something to that effect. I said, yep… this drill will definitely make you better! I can not remember if I told him about what Robson Moura said at the seminar but, that sentence was totally amplified during that one roll. It makes me wonder if this is a drill that everyone should use? I feel like sometimes, I get caught up in one mind frame of submissions while others are left out to get hanged… like, I am consistently, without fail always sticking my foot out for the heel hook, like I beg to get heel hooked! As soon as I do it, I know and I don’t even have to tap… I just look up and say, Why did I do that A-G-A-I-N!

My conundrum for the evening is, if you train one way every day, you will fight one way every day… if you force yourself to train out side of the box, you will fight outside of the box… and your game will begin to transform. No… you will not turn into Optimist Prime or anything like that, but you kind of get what I am talking about, don’t be afraid to try new drills and always be open to learning beyond your comfort zone.

I will still be trying to master the art of accomplishing household, and motherly duties as an octopus and forever trying to NOT give up my heel for free heel hooks on the daily… I am forever a WHITE BELT… I will always be learning!!


~If you are ever in the area of North Texas – Wichita Falls, TX and need a place to train or are passing through, Please stop by Red River BJJ and visit Redriverbjj.com! And Remember, you do not have to be Great to start, but you have to START to be Great!~


4 thoughts on “Drill… Drill… Drill???

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  2. Thanks Jon! Yeah, you know what seems to me like a ‘long time ago’, I really thought I knew it all… and was arrogant and had an ego that was 5 ft. bigger than myself. I had to be broken down into a shell of what I was and accept that I did not know everything, nor will I ever know everything. That transition was tough but I am so glad that I have someone that was willing to take the time to actually ‘teach’ me what Jiu-Jitsu is really about……. so much more than arm bars, triangles, medals and trophies. ❤

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