It is the Small things

Fight Like a Girl - For Erica Burleson

Fight Like a Girl – For Erica Burleson

I have been putting off talking about something that is both personal and very close to me, but after the initial shock of what is happening… I decided that I want to talk about it, and I want to reach out to help. Three weeks ago, my sister who is just 38 was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, she is married and has an two children. Initially, I think we were all in shock and trying to figure out what to do next, how to get family together… and it wasn’t until yesterday on my way into the gym that I began to think about her and things happening when we were younger. I remember one summer at our parents house, we were all out by the fire pit in the backyard and she devoured an entire bag of marshmallows.. she said, they are fat free, its ok! Also thought about one summer we went camping down at the Red River and she wouldn’t let anyone take her picture so instead she covered her face in mud and then took a picture, too funny. These happy times make me laugh and if you have had the opportunity to know her, she is a little fire cracker of a personality, you can’t help but have a smile and a laugh. Reality is sinking in and this makes me sad to think she is in a fight for her life that will more than likely include chemotherapy or radiation. My beautiful sister will be going through changes and pain that I cannot even begin to relate to… I have talked with other breast cancer survivors asking for what has helped them through this process and one answer that kept popping up was care packages. My mind began to swirl around how to do this and who to reach out to help, and that is when I decided to simply put this in a blog and if anyone would like to help or if you know her personally you can send her a message and a gift. I think right now, the main thing is to let her know we care and are here for her… no matter what distance is in between, a little something goes a long way and it is the small things that make a big difference. I have already started to gather items to send to her, but if you would like to help in any way a card or even an item, I would love to include them to her! And always, prayers are always needed!

My sister’s name is Erica Burleson, she attended Henrietta High School, if you would like to help or send her your own care package please contact me at:



~ My unrelated to Jiu-Jitsu post, but we all know someone who is affected by Cancer… and it is the Small Things that make BIG DIFFERENCES – Fight Like a Girl!~


One thought on “It is the Small things

  1. *UPDATE*
    Erica had double mastectomy on July 20th, and they took a biopsy of her lymph nodes. Initially the biopsy looked good, but the pathology report came back yesterday as being Positive for cancer… more testing to see how far and to where else it has spread.

    If you would like to send Erica Burleson a Card or just anything in general, flowers, etc.. Please send me an Email & I will shoot an address to which you can mail her! Praying and praying some more, I hate this thing they call Cancer.

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