Foreign Territory

Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned

My family is waist deep into sports like football, cheerleading, and softball. On a typical day I do not associate or ‘hang out’ or socialize with about 90% of the people who I am around during these activities, and I tend to feel like I am in foreign territory. We are friends and have daily interaction with a small group, and these people are often on the same wave length as myself and our family. What I have noticed or been subjected to is that my kids have been the center of discussion all within one month, both my son and daughter were in situations by adults that was inappropriate.

Now I know, I have 4 years and 9 months experience in grappling, 1 of those years solely dedicated to WMMA. When things like the above situations occur, it is extremely hard for people who have the technical training to not get physical. In fact as a retired Pro WMMA fighter, its a burden of responsibility to not use our training outside of the gym. While many people who deal with irresponsible adults on a daily basis can solve the issue verbally, my first reaction is to physically acknowledge the person was wrong and that it will not be tolerated. Lately, this is not an option… How am I to teach my children what is right and wrong by committing myself to a wrong act against another person? If I let the person continue and I do not say anything, am I teaching my children that it is ok for adults to treat kids with disrespect and bullying? Now keep in mind, these are full grown adults… dealing with a 10 year old girl and a 9 year old boy. I have to dig deep into my soul, pull out what I need and want my children to see as a responsible adult and show my children how to address and solve the issues at hand. This means I have to be the ‘bigger person’, I have to have a little ‘humbleness’ in order to get this point across to my children.

Many who read this may be wondering how this relates in any way to Jiu-Jitsu… Take every moment you have stepped onto those mats and were tested, take every match you were tested and lost, every moment you were sure you were better and were submitted… those were tests that you walked away humbled. I take away the lessons I have learned on the mats and apply them to my every day life to be able to approach situations in a responsible way, being the ‘bigger person’. There is literally, not one lesson that has happened on the mats that I have not taken and applied to other areas of my life. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is such a beautiful art, and can give some life long lessons, but you have to want to learn…



~ You do NOT have to be Great to Start, but you have to Start to become Great~


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