Choosing your Partners Wisely


I have been back on the mats for about 2 weeks now and I feel great, in fact the time away may have been the best thing for the burnt out feeling I had before. The game had ceased to be fun and was more stress than it was me doing my thing, and honestly no one wants to get on the mats and not have fun. Ease off the overly stressed button please… I’m here to have fun and enjoy myself!

One of the more important things to do when training is choosing your partner well and by that I mean being paired up with someone who is within your weight class. The odds of people learning are slim to none and almost guaranteed that the smaller opponent will be injured. To me that is not smart choosing of partners that are unequal in size, in fact that defeats the purpose of sparring to begin with. When choosing a partner, there should be a standard of weight class that people will fall into, this allows for each person to work with the type of competitor they will be facing. There is no glory in a heavier opponent submitting a far smaller partner, the same as when an adult is sparring with a teenager. I was sparring with a teenager the other day and knowing and having the ability to submit was there, but I did not act on it… instead I flowed with him. I have kids and looking at this from a parental view I would rather my kid roll with an adult and get some sort of “accomplished” feeling rather being submitted repeatedly. The same thinking should be taken when people are partnered up and are completely out of weight-class. My first day back on the mats the gym was filled with new girls, and I was so enthusiastic about it that I went into turtle mode, full well knowing that if I busted out in tournament mode that half the girls would probably never come back. During this I learned that all of the girls were solid in their basics, in fact… two of them had good solid holds on me that I had to quickly defend. Once I realized that these girls were ok and knew what was going on the second time I got on the mats with them it was on, no flow rolling but sparring. It was awesome, and honestly probably did them more good than me. Choosing your partners well and you will learn from them, this is also a great way to incorporate girls and guys in the class by choosing partners based on weight class, it is a smarter way of learning and counters unnecessary injuries.



Remember, You do NOT have to be Great to Start…

But, you have to START to become Great!!



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