Epic BJJ Dreams

Chasing my dreams

Chasing my BJJ dreams, One mat at a time!


The last time I had a dream concerning BJJ was over a year ago. The great Helio Gracie by the crystal clear lake that was still and a lack of a conversation. That dream brought many questions and gave answers, this was roughly when I began seriously investing time into my inverted guard. Recently I attended a seminar by Sean Roberts who is a Ralph Gracie black belt and set to compete in Metamoris III. I remember thinking how young he appeared and what great poise he had and the amount of responsibility he was given at such a young age. The seminar was full of different situations and techniques, and it was not a fancy move here and there, or even a jaw dropping technique but instead included: 1) moves relevant in every match, 2) responses to common situations 3) game changer moves. It was all most as if he had walked around the room and sprinkled a little bit of ‘Sean’s game’ into everyone’s pockets, and I walked away with a new view of the black belt.
I often thought that the roll of the black belt was that they were magicians and had every possible trick up their sleeves. What I have noticed recently is that if you really stop and watch a black belt, they are doing the absolute basic fundamentals of Jiu-Jitsu… they have drilled the guard pass so many times that the pass itself is simple, no need for fancy moves or flips, the years of repetitive drilling made it perfect. I have heard that you should not fear the man who knows 1,000 moves, but rather the man who has drilled one move 1,000 times, and they are right! The seminar was a few weeks ago and I had another seminar recently where the popular Shaolin sweep from half guard was shown, as soon as I saw the sweep I said, “Shaolin”, good seminar and a good technique to have. That night I had one of the most epic dreams ever!

My dream was that I was in my gym and Relson Gracie was in my guard, I was setting up the ‘Shaolin sweep’ and then Relson looked over his left shoulder and there was Robson Moura… and then as Relson pinned one of my arms down and grabbed my lapel(preventing the sweep), Robson moved my legs to the x-guard and the two legends exchanged words in Portuguese (I do not know what they said – I do not speak the language). Then Relson looked back to me and said, ‘Ok’? I said, ‘Yes’ and looked up at Robson and he nodded his head and smiled at me.

Can you say, E – P – I – C?!

It is one thing to have a dream about a legend who has passed away, and being visited by Helio Gracie in my dream holds a great deal of significance to me… I think this dream had just as much significance and I have a feeling that my game is about to surpass my expectations and the journey is about to really begin.

Keep watching my Blog, March is full of BJJ surprises… Busy, Busy, Busy!!!


~ If you are ever in the area of Wichita Falls, TX or simply passing through please check out Red River BJJ ~
And Remember… You do NOT have to be Great to Start,
but you have to START to become Great!!


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