Craving the Learn


A wise woman once told me that we should never go a day without doing the things we love to do, because without it we are nothing but shadows of our true self. I love Jiu-Jitsu, and finding my direction is similar to others but hard to find. I’m on that road of discovery and it does not come easy, but the search is what drives me to continue. I have that craving to learn and it keeps my soul full of fire and ready to dip into the unknown. Once you start to become monotonous in your game, you will hit peaks and valleys and constantly fight doubt and motivation. However, if you are able to continue to learn and you make yourself become exposed to new techniques and direction then the journey just keeps going. Gyms will often resemble the black belts that over see the guidance of the students and sometimes there will be a student that does not quite fit the mold of the black belt. For example a 99 Lbs. female in a gym overseen by 250 Lbs. heavy weight black belt. There are two different body types and two different styles… one will play spider and inverted while the other will predominantly play a “smash” game. Gyms typically follow their black belts lead and will generally resemble their game.

My game is going a different direction and in order for me to be exposed to others in like technique I have to do a little exploring. An adventure is awaiting around each and every corner, maybe I won’t find what I am looking for but maybe I will… we can all find a little bit of something in an adventure. Typically, I attend seminars far and wide, and I love to visit gyms (especially those in the Austin & San Antonio area). While this is amazing and a great opportunity for myself, I have found that others will be resentful and almost bitter about my decisions to search out new techniques. I think we most often call these kind of people “haters”…. it is not that I am doing what they cannot, but doing what I can to evolve MY game. It sucks, but what are you going to do?! Before, I lost direction, motivation, and really was not having fun. The desire to learn and evolve is a love that has to be embraced and like anything you love you need to take care of it and nurture it. Every once in a while, you will have to ask yourself if this is the direction you want to go and have to be willing to take chances.

I’m looking for another adventure… I have that craving, the craving to get my learn on!!



~ Begin your Journey! You do NOT have to be Great to start,

but you have to START to become Great!!~




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