For almost a year, I have been dibble dabbling in inverted and spider guard and putting together sequences of moves that work towards a submission. You know, the whole time I’m working and finding what does not and what does work… all the in’s and out’s of the moves. AND THEN…

Then I get it, and I know that I have gotten the kinks worked out and the sequence will work in my favor. It is like a light going off and a holy grail appears and I’m thinking WOW… this is so cool! Until I logged onto Facebook to find that one of the sequences I have been working on for MONTHS was already being used and taught – SMDH. The berimbolo has been my friend longer than the spider guard… just putting them together is like making a beautiful submission. It would have been twice as awesome if I had been taught the move from the get go instead of wasting months of my mat time trying to build the move as a DIY BJJ player. Below is the move that I was working on and got all the kinks worked out, give it a try… I love it!




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