Back on the Mats

Spider guard

I ran into an old rolling partner from RRBJJ and was invited to come to class for some spider guard by a visiting Brazilian brown belt. I was like… spider guard?! No need to ask twice, I hurried home and jumped into the shower and go my Gi ready to go. On the way to the gym I was pumped ready to hit the mats but when I got there a sinking feeling took over and I felt like it was my first day at school (Kindergarten… you know, where you want to cling to your momma’s leg). I arrived about 15 minutes early and sat down to watch the instructor, watching and learning… everyone teaches a little differently.

When it was almost time for class to start, I had yet to put my Gi on and was still sitting in the chair. After seeing all the new faces I finally got changed and got on the mats. Even through the warm up I was not sure if I was ready to come back, you see my time has been spent doing anything other than BJJ for a couple months. My body needs a complete detox and get back into the BJJ lifestyle, and I don’t care who says what… but when you do BJJ there is a lifestyle change.

The overall class was really good, I enjoyed the change up of teaching styles. We went over a transition of spider guard to Omoplata. The thing about the Omoplata is that you have to know how to sink it in good and tight, and be able to react to the defense and turn it into something else. I do not see any submission as a single attack anymore, there is always something behind the initial submission. All in all, everything fit back into place and felt as if I never left. A very nice surprise was that Professor Jeff Owen was at the gym visiting, a Travis Lutter black belt, and I was able to get in a few minutes of roll time with him. The thing about black belts and I have said this before is that they are more willing to stop you and show you what they are doing and why, so there is always some type of instruction with each roll and you can learn a lot. I spent a few months traveling around doing nothing but having my ass handed to me by black belts and I still think it is the best way to learn, hands down balls to the wall approach.

For the future, I know I need to clean up my diet and start listening to my body and what it needs… BJJ Lifestyle of coconut water & eating healthy!!!




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