My legs are sore

I got back on the mats and went to my first noon-er class 11/24/2014. It was just as awkward as I had anticipated. At first I was the only student and I was thinking SWEET I’m gonna get out of a monster warm-up! Nope, not even close… I got the full onslaught of the warm-up and when another student arrived we drilled, knee on belly passing spider for like… fore-v-e-r… Today, my legs are mush. I soaked in some Epson salt last night and stretched and stretched some more but no my legs are definitely sore. Problems after knee on belly drills, issues with putting on a pair of socks, pants and forget about sitting on the toilet… more like FALL ON THE TOILET!! As I was walking the kids to school, I kept thinking I bet I looked really weird walking all stiff legged and barely able to bend my knees… gotta love the knee on belly drills.

I really enjoyed the class and although nothing was new, my reactions were definitely slower and my cardio is completely shot, to be honest a baby could probably roll longer than me. This is all good because it gives me something to work towards, and give myself a goal of not gassing out past 2 minutes of rolling and actually ROLLING not floppy dogging it.

Anyways, I was able to get some video and make a short YouTube for the gym. I was wanting to do this a while back, but always forgot my camera and yesterday just worked out where I could get some shots in. So here is a short clip featuring yours truly!


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