Keep Training

The holiday season is upon us and while many are travelling to see loved one’s I have decided that now is when I want to make my return to BJJ. I knew this would be hard, I knew it would probably hurt a little but I still went to class. I am starting to think that I completely underestimated how much it would hurt. My son, who plays football said, Mom, I know how you feel it is how I feel the first week of football practice and you always tell me that I have to keep moving or my legs would feel worse. And my husband said, “Suck it up princess… you need to keep moving your legs”. Now honestly, I really thought about starting a weight training program to get ready for BJJ, but that never happened. My kids are out on Thanks Giving break so I did not go to class this afternoon. Really wish I could have because even though I was wobbling around the house and in public, I know for a fact that once I stepped onto the mats that pain would have dissipated and I would have gone through drill after drill after drill. Those mats are magical like that, it doesn’t matter how you feel or what is going on, once you take that first step it is all just an after thought and you get to work. No hesitation, No whining you just get your ass up and get out there and WORK HARD.

I was thinking that my come back will be tougher and harder mentally and physically than any fight or tournament I have ever gone through, that this will be a test of all tests. Kicking bad habits and self-rehab sounds kind of silly after these past few days and honestly that is why I love my BJJ so much.

I am definitely STRONGER than I was yesterday, but

not as STRONG as I will be TOMORROW!




~You do not have to be Great to Start, but you have to START to become Great~




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