Doing What I Love

At one time all I really wanted to do was compete and do MMA fights, but that was a long time ago (2009-2010). I have collected medals and chased tournaments and even walked away from BJJ. I’m coming back to what I love to do and this time it is completely different because I am not searching for those medals or to be a “name in the sport”, I am doing this for me. I have to believe that this sport does something that nothing else can, it changes lives!

I had a trophy case of my medals hanging on a wall in my home and about two weeks ago I took it down and put away my medals. I do not need to be reminded of what I was or what I once thought were key points in my BJJ journey. I was asked recently when my next tournament was and I laughed and said, “I’m done… I wont compete again.” The look of shock and DA-FUQ was priceless… but let’s face it I’m not on those mats because I need to prove anything to anyone. I am there because I made a promise to myself to NOT GIVE UP and do what I LOVE to do and that is all.

I collected two gold medals as a newly promoted blue belt, 1 silver, and 1 bronze and a few tournaments that I did not place. I am comfortable with what I was able to achieve and can smile when I look back at that… Blue Belt – PERSEVERANCE.

I refuse to be another Blue Belt casualty and quit.





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