Baby Lungs

My legs feel better but one keeps getting the old charlie horse, I hate that. Seems like the warm-up was a little better this time…. still getting used to the new instructor, every day is different and not sure what to expect. I got to work with an old training partner today, Dustin. Now I have known Dustin since he started and he was and still is a great grappler, I mean just raw talent. He made me smile because at one time there was a question if he was going to be coming to class or quit and Thank God he stayed with it. I remember encouraging him to keep coming to class, despite what physical ailments were happening. Which reminds me of a time that someone else hurt their shoulder and had limited mobility, so I told them to just stick it in their belt and it forced them to “think outside of the box”… Damn, wish I would have done that myself!  Anyways, Dustin is a force to be dealt with he is big, strong and skilled… he is a far cry from my 135 lbs. and I had to lay it all out on the mats today, busted lip and baby lungs. I thought, damn this is a little unfair, but then I remembered a picture of Helio Gracie and it said, “Train like you are competing against someone who is bigger and stronger every time”. I am getting winded, feel like I cannot breath and muscle cramps… but I’m out there dammit, and I just keep pushing myself. Motivation is there and this is not easy… but everything worth having is never handed to you. I told myself this morning, “Just keep going to class Baby Lungs”.





3 thoughts on “Baby Lungs

  1. Took me a while, but I finally figured out why Dustin stands out… Well it is because my first tournament as a blue belt was also Dustin’s very first tournament. And its significant to me because at that tournament I stepped up to help coach him during one of his matches (he took gold btw). A vocal and silent cheerleader of sorts, thats the good stuff!

  2. Shimone, our old home remedy for a charlie horse, is pickle juice. Of course now it is gluten free pickle juice, if you can find it. I make my own pickles so we just take a jar of juice with us to matches.

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