BJJ Homework?!

Couch time… and reading… BLAH!!!

Why are noon classes so awesome, let me explain first that my kids (Girl 11, Boy 10, Girl 7, Girl 3), and yes I have FOUR kids in school… they are very athletic and are big participants in sports. My son plays football, and baseball. My oldest daughter plays softball (year around) and basketball. Our two younger ones have yet to choose a sport to play, but I am pretty confident one of them is going to be a mad scientist and conqueror the world (not joking, that girl is scary smart). With the kids into sports pretty much all year, this leaves very little time to train. That means that any time there is a class during the day it is an opportunity for me to get my BJJ On. Evenings are normally filled with practices and studying, Saturdays are always game days and Sundays are rest and relax for the coming week. My kids will always take the front stage, but my BJJ has to fit in some where and this was always a battle for me to either pick my kids or training. Either way, the new noon class has me completely excited because it works into our schedule. Three days a week or five days a week, it is completely worth it to get some mat time!!!

Well there was no noon class today and that kind of messes up my schedule, but I decided to do “BJJ homework” because I have apparently forgotten some of my more signature moves learned from seminars (I do keep notes to reflect on). Isn’t that a catch phrase? If you don’t USE it you LOOSE it?! Anyways… I went back and looked through some of those notes for moves and transitions and tried to play them into “what if” situations. I’ve done them before and it was more of a instant reaction where as now it is a stop-think-do and is more predictable and sloooooow. That slow reaction time and hesitation makes for a weird and awkward roll, and kind of makes me feel like the almost 37 year old woman that I am. That sounds horrible, considering I took my first MMA fight when I was 30 and took my first steps onto a mat when I was 29, Eeecks!! There was a time when I looked down at people who went to seminars and wrote down diligent notes more or less because I am a visual learner, and hey maybe I was little jealous of their habit. However, I am so glad that I adopted this note taking because it has allowed me to go back to those days and relive the teachings and reflect and have an “aaaaaah, ok… I remember that” moment.

Days off are not completely lost, if you take notes at seminars it is a good time to reflect and put those moves back into the old nugget and start planning your next attack…






One thought on “BJJ Homework?!

  1. Taking notes is a very important skill that severs you well in life! One of my biggest regrets from my time doing judo was I didn’t have a training log. This time I’m taking notes after every class so I can keep track of my progress and things I’ve learned.

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