I was not able to make class today, and it is awesome because I had a job interview!! Yaaay!!! I got a call last night about the interview today so I was scrambling to find something that would cover up my bruises on my arms from BJJ. Full well knowing that I would miss my Noon BJJ, I went into the interview with a little more on my mind than the interview itself. And a question popped up that went a little something like this: Name one achievement you are proud of, either work or not work related in the past three years. First off, what kind of question is that?! I hate interview questions, they are just so random! Obviously, I held off for a second thinking… and only one thing came to mind and I said,

“I am proud of earning my Blue Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu”

I took a major gamble with that answer, because people not in the sport will hear BJJ and think MMA or Karate or something other than Jiu-Jitsu. At first the person interviewing gave a slightly confused look and said, “Oh wow, that is a good accomplishment and how long have you been training”? When I told them I started training in 2009 a look of curiosity filled their face with an open mouth expression. And then they opened up and said that their child has been attending a martial arts school and how it has helped their child with self-esteem. I have a feeling at that point the interview could have wondered off from the job details to martial arts. He smiled and said, “that does tell a lot about you and you are still training… shows you have motivation and are dedicated – I like that.”

My gamble with my answer paid off, and we spent 20 minutes in total talking about the job and the details of the job. On my way out I was just dumbfounded and when I got into my car I thought – Uha… that was so weird. I mean really, how often do we ever get to say I am proud of earning my blue belt?! Ego at the door please, but really this is something to put on an accomplishment list… and who knows, maybe your next employer will think it is “kind of cool” too?!




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