Survival Mode

Survival Mode, it means grips are everything… skin or a little less skin!

The name of the game today was to survive being dominated. Back in the day this would have completely annoyed me because it was just an unfair play in weight. I am now considering that maybe those guys who were smashing me where actually doing something that I couldn’t do myself… something with a bigger “EYE OPENER” benefit. I was rolling and trying some of my moves that would normally work, but when there is such a spread in weight it is damn near impossible. I had to gently remind my training partner to be careful and said, “easy now… if you break me, I wont be able to play with you anymore” and we both had a good laugh.

What I failed to realize before when I was completely dominated by a full grown 200+ lbs man, is that while I was being smashed and tossed around there was something else going on. If you take two people, one on the light side and another on the heavier side, the scales will always lean toward the heavier. While the heavier grappler will practice moves that have worked for them, and basically do a run through of what they know, the smaller opponent will be forced to survive. SURVIVE, you read that right… and I mean literal SURVIVAL MODE. This Survival mode does something beneficial, it allows the smaller opponent to building up endurance and tolerance. By doing this, the smaller opponent basically becomes a bad ass with people in their own weight class… WHY?! Well, that is because they have been forced to endure the pressure such as the knee on belly, the arm-bar attempts, the sweep attempts… everything.

Now before my problem with the domination of weight classes was only that I was hurt in one roll with a 200+ lbs guy, where I was slammed down onto the mat while I had a triangle… this separated a rib in my back and I was out for two weeks. What sucked about the timing of that injury was so significant to me because a seminar with Leticia Ribeiro, Bia Mesquita, and Carol Vidal was coming up and I was down for the count. I think that is why I held such resentment for that injury and for the longest I would not roll with anyone heavier. However, I am now more confident on what moves will keep myself safe all while pushing the endurance & tolerance buttons and ensuring that the Survival Mode is active.

I had to smile on my drive home from the gym today… all this time I built up a resentment instead of finding a way to see how this could and would benefit my own game. Smash and pressure, try your hardest but in the end I will walk away with something worth holding on to…

Endurance & Tolerance.






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