Girls… Can we please Behave!


Alright, I had another interview today… and this time I made sure I could fit it in before my noon class. Last night I made sure I had a clean Gi and rashguard, shorts, and my belt. When I got to class I very quickly realized I forgot one very, very, very… VERY important piece of equipment, my sports bra.

This morning I dawned not just a normal every day bra, but one that has UNDER WIRES! At the gym I went ahead and got dressed and thought well, this will be interesting for sure. For the most part a bra is a bra, but when you are rolling anything can happen and it did. I counted three times my under wire stabbed my ribs and pinched my skin, and after my first roll I had to discreetly adjust my girls… I mean really??? Uuuuugh…!!!!

I will never ever make that critical error again.





4 thoughts on “Girls… Can we please Behave!

    • A…nd then my finger started bleed and I had to stop and put tape on it but I still got blood all over my white Gi, and the Girls issue ~ I was just like so over the OTHER ISSUES and ready to focus on BJJ… just one of those days I guess.

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