Those Drills

Yesterday was pretty rough, no one but me in class meant that I did double the drills with 1 minute between and it was exhausting… so exhausting. Yesterday I was kind of cussing under my breath not understanding what the heck I was doing, I mean just repeatedly drilling fundamental moves and I was starting to get perplexed about it. Again, I was not understanding how this was or is going to do anything for my game, I already know this crap and it is as basic as it gets…


is It…

Today another student showed up and I was like YES!! Thank GOD!!! And then something awesome and amazing happened, while we were drilling I realized that my muscle memory was starting to kick in and I could feel it and the moves were almost instinctive. I am still struggling with my lungs and ability to keep the oxygen flowing, my muscles almost always say STOP, no more… but I keep pushing myself. At the end of the class the instructor said, “OK, rounds”. And I having lost my courage and my confidence in my Jiu Jitsu,  simply said that I wanted to sit out. Then the instructor said, “OK, then we do 10 more minutes of arm bar drills”. W T H… Obviously, I jumped up and said No No No, I’m good I’ll roll. And there I was faced with Mr. Dustin who out weighs me by 50 Lbs. and is as strong as a lumberjack (not kidding). I think the time was just 4 minutes, but it was slow as a snail rolling… I wanted to stop 3x, but pushed through. The clip below is basically what happened…

I wanted to sit out, but reality is that if I don’t keep pushing myself I will never get better, and even if my teammates and coaches need to politely shove me out there… then that is what needs to happen. I think it is ironic how at one time I showed up to class to help others get better and now…

Now is when I need them the most.





One thought on “Those Drills

  1. I really enjoyed reading this, and I’ll say it like this; we are natural doubters after years of programming but the moment you are aware you are doubting yourself, the moment you are aware of your fears then jump up twice as powerful and take on the challenge . Love stay connected. Pandora x

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