Stop Thinking and Do it!

Today, I was looking out the gym’s big glass window, watching as people slowly passed by… and I was thinking about what I learned in today’s afternoon class.

Earlier I was having trouble hitting a move and it reminded me of something a sweet friend said to me at the Inspire Event. We had been drilling a loop choke I believe, but I was getting confused and lost in the instruction and Carla Torres stopped me and grabbed my sleeves and said,

Shimone… You need to STOP thinking and just do it“.

You see, I have a tendency to over think the instructions and that makes a simple move the most complicated piece of sh*t ever. Today, I was starting to over complicate the move and I had to relax and put it into motion like a live roll and BOOM, done!! It is funny how something someone has said to you will stick with you and remind you of how to get through things. I met Carla Torres; who is a Gracie Purple Belt at Kristina Barlaan’s Inspire event in California, and she left a lasting impression on me and those simple words of guidance always help me when I’m struggling. It was a polite slap in the face to just do the damn thing already!

I have said this before, but really need to say this again: “Thank You to everyone who has ever helped me in my BJJ or gave some instruction because I’ve taken those lessons and still use them today, and maybe at some point I will be able to pass those words of advice or encouragement or inspiration to someone else.”






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