Work Harder

Holidays are upon us and all I’m worried about is what to do next to not loose what stamina I have built up so far… weight training, drilling on my mats at home, and doing homework will have to suffice until my noon instructor gets back from Brazil in three weeks. Working hard and continue to push myself even when there is no one to push me. I think this is a critical step in the direction that I want to go because the hard work is up to me, and that hard work is for myself not for a competition or any other reason, it is simply to be able to do what I love to do again, Jiu-Jitsu.

I have been working on my training log and doing a separate list of drills to go through and that was when I had little red flags. I was writing down my drill from setup to what to do when that fails and so forth… but in doing that I found ‘holes’. You know the FAILS that force you to take a different approach. Well, why did that fail? What caused it to fail and how to prevent the FAIL? That is not a question I would normally ask, but rather just move to the next move in line. For example, arm-bar to triangle, back to arm-bar to omoplata to take the back and start over with back control subs ~ OK, well why didn’t the first arm-bar work?! I would like to find the flaw before it sets off a chain reaction.

These questions are geared toward my ever growing and changing spider/x-guard/DLR game. I would love to find someone who is very proficient in this style so that I can learn defense to help my offensive strategy. When I first started messing with the spider guard I would get the old, “all she wants to do is play spider guard” from my drilling partner. I don’t know why but I felt bad for wanting to learn more and grow my game…

I am pretty sure I feel a good old fashioned private lesson coming on!!





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