Our little family of four kids and two adults decided to hop into our vehicle and drive 7 hours south to Houston to visit my husbands family. We were able to visit his mother, and surprise his father, his aunt and his uncle to wish him a happy birthday. It was a much needed visit, the kids got to meet their great aunt, great uncle, and hang out with their uncles and cousins.
Hold up… I bet you are wondering about the picture above?! Well, yea I got to visit a gym in Houston too! Back in 2005 I had a private lesson with Alvis Solis; but we weren’t able to afford classes. In fact I was not able to start training until 2009 in Wichita Falls, TX. I did nogi and MMA for a year, I was going to class three times a day and competed a lot. It wasn’t until someone threw me a link to a Hillary Williams seminar that I put on a Gi for the first time in 2010. I told my husband that I wanted to go back to Alvis Solis’s gym because I never forgot that first lesson and that was really the beginning.
This trip I visited Solis Martial Arts Academy, the location moved from a few years ago it used to be up the street a bit. Alvis met us at the door and was super helpful and friendly, a great person overall. When I got on the mats I saw two girls working and so I just went and introduced myself and we started rolling. There were three very well trained blue belt females and we all got to roll. I am pretty sure we all have been around one another but never talked… It is a GirlsinGis thing!! ❤️
I have said before that I have lost my courage and confidence in my jiu jitsu. I used to be very confident and
had courage to pass around when rolling with people but I lost that and even when I roll with people I know, I get scared, and hesitant. That feeling is amplified when rolling with men so I was really glad there were other girls there. I think getting on the mats with people who I didn’t know helped me to find that brave fighter that I once was.
If you are in the Houston area I would highly recommend Solis Martial Arts Academy, a very friendly atmosphere and it is a top class gym!



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