Believe in Yourself

I was looking back at 2014 and thought about all that happened and what I overcame to find peace and return to jiu-jitsu. One of my biggest faults was that I allowed other people’s words to defeat me as a person, a jiu-jitsu competitor and in the process I loss my courage, self confidence, and even self esteem. I called on friends for help and support during this time and got some great insight, but even with support I still lost my love and desire to be on the mats.
2015 Resolution: I will never allow anyone to belittle me on or off the mats and defeat me as a person and jiu-jitsu player.
I think one of the cooler things to happen in 2014 was the growth and seeing how much my game has evolved and changed. I think a lot of my teammates saw my traveling and seminars and private lessons as a threat. Reality is that I needed more exposure to higher belt females and I went out and got it. Rolling with purple, brown, and black belt females has opened my eyes literally to a new view point of jiu-jitsu… I was given encouragement, fed positivity and found balance on and off the mats. I can sum it all up with one sentence that a very well known black belt said to me before we flow rolled.
“Even though I am a black belt, It does not mean I do not get surprised and get caught… It can happen.”

I have learned a lot in 2014 and one of the biggest lessons learned was that Jiu-Jitsu has humbled me and it is a process that has to happen for growth.

~ I love Jiu-Jitsu~



One thought on “Believe in Yourself

  1. I’ve learned that for myself, the types of relationships i have with training partners and coaches has a big effect on how i feel about my training. Glad you identified the problems and found positive training partners and role models! All the best for 2015!

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