Snow Days!

A cold front brought nothing but ice and more ice and sealed up my four kids in our house for two days. Four kids, a lot of arguing and I finally got the mats out. I have taught a handful of classes before but there is a huge difference with kids. A lot of giggling, smiling, and just overall fun! I started my son with the usual warmup and emphasized shrimping and transitioning positions. My daughter is a natural athlete and doesn’t need a lot of direction she seems to be picking up moves fast. My son is another story, he is built strong and has a drive that you cannot teach and he works hard. I found out really quick that my daughters biggest obstacle will be her ego… being the oldest she will have to learn that she wil not win every time. My son is all about learning and loves to drill, he does work hard but is not a natural athlete like his sister so the playing field is even between them. I have 25 pounds on my son, so the weight is very close and works out. When I first started training I worked with a lot of young teenage boys… Well, until they out grew me. Our second youngest, #3 has a lot to learn as she mounted her older sister and then punched her. I was like Whooaa, No, No, No!!! She is enthusiastic and has a fighter personality but is still really young.

Snow days are awesome I got to work with my kids for an hour and rolled with my son for about 20 minutes. I cannot wait until we get the mats set up for more room!! 




One thought on “Snow Days!

  1. I have 4 Grandsons, and they all wrestle (by the way they made regionals and are now going to state). On snow days around here it gets really physical and is a lot more energetic than most homes! So I can imagine what your house is like! LOL

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