New Goals


When I was looking for a new instructor and a new gym, I went after the big guns and who else would have been in my sight but Solis Mixed Martial Arts… solid history of winning and producing black belts. However, now after the news of the recent departure of the Solis’s family from the school, I have begun a new search. Now a few gyms have made offers to join but the reality of driving an hour and a half daily is not possible. Reaching out and making contact with a few people and it has lead back to one very prominent name so keep your chairs upright… you might be surprised!

As far as the Solis scandal, I can only think that it was all just a very mixed up version of what is right and what is wrong, but more along the lines of infidelity. Once I got over the initial news of this about a week later another story broke of two arrests of Black Belts for actual criminal charges, so the line of criminal and indecent is drawn. I would love a system to begin that did not just pass out black belts, but rather a mandatory scheduled seminar was held annually for new black belts. If you ask any new black belt they are immediately hit with an “I can open my own gym”…. and that is great, but do they realize the authority power that they have just received and how to apply it? Do they realize their role to the community in general as a leader? That small symbolization of a belt around someone’s waist gives so much meaning and so much responsibility that it begs for the explanation of duties included. It is like giving a 15 year old keys to your brand new car and expectation of that child to drive with caution and to already know the rules of the road. I believe a definite change in the system is about to happen and if it starts with one school maybe it can happen in all schools across the world to help guide these young black belts in their journey and mentor them to become successful. Regardless of what system is implemented, I think there will always be a few “bad apples”, but with a simple criminal check there should be evidence of that behavior. Is it wishful thinking? Yes. But I am an optimist, and my cup is always half full! I am not so wishful or naive to think that this bad behavior will stop, but I do think that something needs to change and be addressed by the community and fast! I am personally tired of seeing yet another story of an arrest of a BJJ Practitioner and it is starting to sound more like an epidemic. These stories do not just hit the BJJ Community, but it effects everyone including future students and the possible growth of BJJ. If I can walk up to someone and start talking about BJJ and they immediately open up with “Oh yeah, I saw an arrest by one of those guys… I  am not interested”, the face of BJJ has changed to a negative where it should shine as bright as possible as being nothing more than positive. Taking back that atmosphere should be top priority among all schools.

My wishful thinking that change can happen.




~Remember, you do not have to be GREAT to start, but you have to START to become Great!~





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