BJJ Background

I started training in 2009 in Wichita Falls, TX at a MMA gym called “Elite MMA” under Keith Sutton. This gym closed roughly within a year of my training, and I began to travel and find seminars any open mats, just scrounging for any form of continuance to train. At the end of 2010 I was rolling at Texoma BJJ until 2011. It was at Texoma BJJ that a fellow student (who was in the Air Force), introduced me to a class on Sheppard Air Force Base and I met Ben Lozano, who was at the time a Gracie Purple belt. I want to say a year later Ben Lozano opened up the Red River Brazilian Jiu- Jitsu. I became the RRBJJ’s first female blue belt 2-25-2013. 

2-1-2015 – 4-20-2015 Trained under Alvis Solis at SMAA.


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