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In my BJJ travels, I have made it to the meca center of BJJ – California (2014) and even up North to Indiana (2010), and a host of places in Texas including Austin, Houston, and Dallas Fort Worth. At one point I made it a Goal to meet and roll with a few big names that were at the top of my “bucket list”, here are a few of them! Mostly women… because I am a GURL….but a few are guys 🙂


Hillary Williams – 2010 (My first GI instruction and seminar)

Hannette Staacke (Brazil – 021)

Leticia Ribeiro,  Bia Mesquita and Carol Vidal (Gracie South Bay)

Robson Moura (RMNU)

Sean Roberts (Ralph Gracie/ CheckMat)

Kristina Baarlan (Ciao Terra)/(Women’s INSPIRE 2014 – California)


Christina Thomas (Relson Gracie’s FIRST female black belt)

Lana Stefanac (Trinity BJJ)

Sue Ausman (Travis Lutter)

Triin Seppel (Carlos Machado)

Angelica Galvao (Team ATOS)

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