I have not been able to get to promotions since last February but tonight I got to go and it was awesome! The look of the kids who got stripes is priceless, I love watching that. One of the guys next to me I was sure was to get his blue belt and I could tell he was a nervous wreck. I joked with him a bit and told him not to cry lol! I think everyone was promoted and we got two new female blue belts, pretty cool stuff. Afterwards we had a huge open mat, it was just packed.
It is extraordinarily hard for me to not try and help lower belts when their technique is off and I bit my tongue a few times but eventually I had to speak up. I always ask, “do you want to know why that is not working?” Its cool when you literally see the lightbulb go off above their head.
My lungs are still a battle I have to deal with every time I roll, and it is so discouraging to have to stop in the middle of a roll just to breath. I am not what I was before or what I could have been and most people would give up, but I would rather be struggling on those mats everyday than not at all. Jiu-Jitsu makes me happy… Struggle and all.



3 thoughts on “Promotions!!

  1. I agree, it is so nice to be recognized for your hard work. My grandsons just had another wrestling tournament, and they did come home with medals! The smile on their faces warms my heart!

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